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Wancle SVC001 Cooker – The Best Cooker for Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide cooking is the method in which the food is cooked at a low temperature and s kept vacuum sealed while being cooked. That being said, the technology has been evolving and if you are more interested in sous vide cooking, you’ll go for the equipment used for such cooking process.

One of the best equipment that helps cook food the sous vide way is none other than Wancle SVC001. This cooker is specially made to cook food at a low temperature for a long period of time so as to retain the natural smell and aroma of the food that is being cooked.

That’s the main reason I am here to review one of the best sous vide cookers available in the market. So, let’s start the review without any further ado:

Wancle SVC001 – Complete In-Depth Review:



The design of this cooker is pretty compact. That being said, it can be handled easily. A large display is available on the top of the machine which keeps you updated while the food is being cooked.

On the other hand, a top handle grip is what makes this cooker easy to handle. Under the grip is present a trigger mechanism which you can squeeze in order to open up the plastic clamp from the stainless steel heating element tube.

Well, due to a cheaper price tag, Wancle SVC001 has some design flaws. That is, even if you squeeze the trigger pretty hard, the clamp won’t open much wider. That being said, you have to manually clamp it with sous vide container you’ve got.

In addition, this cooker is also a bit shorter as compared to the other ones. A difference of almost 2 inches was noticed by me when I first clamped it with my sous vide cooking container. You have to add more water to get rid of this issue and it will waste heat energy as more water will take more time to heat.


The display is pretty straightforward. You will get to see the current temperature reading usually in °C or °F respectively. The large numbers are to show the temperature, while the smaller number show the time you’ve set for cooking a specific food product.

Apart from that, there is a scroll wheel available within the best sous vide cooker which when turns red means that it is working fine, but one turns red means that there is an error and the machine is not working properly.

Clipping Process:

Clipping process is not as ideal as it must be in other sous vide cookers. Many cookers now use the pressure system to get clamped to the containers, however, Wancle sous vide cooker still uses the old teeth clamping method which requires more time and is difficult to settle at the same time.

Features You Need to Know:

Some of the best features that Wancle cooker for sous vide provides are as follows:

  1. Allows You to Cook Everything:

Wancle SVC001 is made to cook anything you want. That being said, it allows you to cook food materials like vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, seafood or even eggs. Make sure that the food materials you are cooking are already vacuum sealed with the sous vide bags. All the foodstuff that this cooker prepares is without making any noise, overcooking, or any type of fuss.

The best cheap sous vide cooker provides an ultimate way to cook food in a short period of time as well.

  1. Temperature Range and Time Control:

The best sous vide cooker in 2019 also comes with a wide variety of temperature ranges. That is, you can control the temperature of this cooker in the range of 25-99 °C or 77-211.8 °F temperatures. With this temperature range, it becomes a lot easier to manage cooking food without any worries.

One other feature that Wancle cooker provides is that it comes with the time control options. You can easily set the timer on the display of cooker with the help of the button integrated with it. In this way, you have full control over the food that is being cooked in a sous vide container with Wancle cooker.

  1. Easy to Use:

The best sous vide cooker uses 800watt energy and converts it into heat. That being said, it is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t require any additional operation. Just clamp it on the container, plug it in, set the temperature and time period and it will start heating the food ideally.

That is, many other Bluetooth and Wi-Fi cookers have got the complicated running process and they require a lot of time to start operating. However, Wancle cooker is still very easy to use and it gets set up in a small matter of time as well.

  1. Clever Design:

Although the design of this cooker has many flaws as I have mentioned above, it still is an ideal choice for cooking food in sous vide containers. All you will need is to attach this cooker with the container via a plastic clamp and it will start heating water and food materials perfectly.

The stainless steel will never get rust and can be used for a long period of time. On the other hand, this cooker also has got a durable build-up the quality even with such a cheap price tag.

  1. Worry-Free Shopping:

Wancle sous vide cooker has, in fact, passed all kind of clearance certificates and is now considered as a safe choice for cooking food materials. Even if the quality is compromised at some instance, Wancle provides you a 24-month free maintenance warranty so that you can enjoy using this cooker with a peace of mind.

What Did We like in Wancle SVC001?

Clever design.

Temperature range is versatile.

Timer setting option is available.

Compact and easy to use.

Affordable price.

Cooks any kind of food.

What We Didn’t Like:

Design flaws are there.

The trigger mechanism is not as ideal as one would expect.

Shorter than other cookers.

Some Last Words:

Sous vide cooking is becoming famous day-by-day and I will recommend you to go for Wancle SVC001 if you are extremely short on budget. Better get it before it runs out of stock.

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