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The Top 5 Best Sous Vide Bags – Updated List 2019

Sous Vide is a traditional French way of cooking in which the food is first placed in a plastic bag and is then cooked with a tender heat. For this purpose, special bags are used that cause no harm to the food, known as the best sous vide bags.

Souse Vide bags are an ideal way to place meat in. They keep the food as juicy as possible even if it is cooked. Keeping this in mind, such plastic bags are not easy to find.

To help you find perfect sous vide bag, I am here with a compiled list of some of the best plastic bags meant for sous vide cooking.

So, let’s start without any further ado:

Best Sous Vide Bags 2019

Name Materials Used BPA Free
1. FoodSaver Sous Vide Bag Plastic Yes
2. FoodVacBags Bags Plastic Yes
3. FoodSaver 44 Bags Plastic Yes
4. SIOchef Premium Silicone Yes
5. Green Apron Sous Vide Bags Plastic Yes


  1. FoodSaver Sous Vide Bag

FoodSaver Sous Vide Bags are the winner for being a perfect choice for Sous Vide cooking. Additionally, these bags are made in such a way that they keep the freshness of the food for a long time (weeks not days). The BPA multi-layer designed bags are pretty durable and they are also able to create an airtight barrier which removes the airflow from inside to outside and vice versa.

The best plastic bags for sous vide have got a customizable length. That is, you can fit any type of food by cutting the role as you want. You can easily make the food rightly fit into the bag.

One of the best features in these bags is that they are ideal for FoodSaver Vacuum which cooks the food only at ideal temperatures. Similarly, the bags are able to absorb heat so that there is no harm to the food and it can remain as tender as possible.

The bag also has multiple uses. You can use the best sous vide bags to store food, cook it, or to keep it safe from harmful materials whenever you are on a trip.

Last but not least, the plastic bags introduced by FoodSaver are resistant to get frozen, boil, or burn no matter how intense the heat is.


The freshness lasts for weeks.

Customizable length.

Comes with BPA-free label.

Can be used for multiple processes.


Not vacuum sealed according to some users.

No other cons.

Final Views:

FoodSaver has introduced the best sous vide bags within an affordable budget. In case you are craving for cooking food in sous vide way, you can make full use of these bags without any issues.

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  1. FoodVacBags Plastic Bags

The next plastic bags that I will recommend to you for cooking Sous-vide are the FoodVacBags. The complete plastic bag rolls have got an amazing feature that enables them to keep the food preserved for a long period of time without any worries.

With the help of these plastic bags, you might be able to keep the leftover snacks as safe as possible. On the other hand, plastic bags are also resistant to get frozen or boiled or even burns.

One of the best features I liked in FoodVacBags is that they provide safety. In fact, they’ve been made with 7-layer plastic material. On the other hand, they are also vacuum sealed and VPA free respectively.

The vacuum bags offered by this brand are extremely affordable. The two rolls of plastic bags are available only in under 20 bucks and they can be used for a long period of time as well.


Extremely durable sous vide bags.

Comes with 7-layer construction.

BPA free plastic bags.

Preserve the food for a long time.

Vacuum sealed.


You have to cut the roll every time you need it.

No other cons.

Final Views:

FoodVacBags are an ideal choice for people who want to keep their food preserved for a long period of time. They can also be used for Sous Vide cooking. Better get them before they run out of stock.

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  1. FoodSaver 44 Plastic Bags

FoodSaver has introduced a new innovation for people who are tired of cutting the plastic rolls every time they have to preserve or cook the sous vide way. That is, the 44 quart-sized bags are ideal for storing different type of food such as meat, pork, ham, and vegetables, etc.

The freshness remains the same as FoodSaver plastic bags never compromise on the quality.

That being said, the plastic bags are vacuum-sealed i.e. no air can pass through them making sure that it can remain fresh for a long time.


Keep the food fresh for a long time.

Bags can save the haste of cutting plastic rolls.

44-quart bags with affordable price.


Not reusable.

No other cons.

Final Views:

The best sous vide bags i..e FoodSaver quart bags keep the food fresh and keep it preserved for a long time. Better get them before they run out of stock.

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  1. SIOchef Premium Silicone

SIOchef Premium Silicone bags are specially meant for those people who don’t like using plastic bags for their foods. These silicone bags are ready for sous vide cooking as they have got a premium design.

The safety concerns are greatly addressed as the best Silicone sous vide bags are BPA, DEHP, and petroleum-free.

One best thing about these bags is that they are reusable. Yeah, they can be washed like 100 times and can be reused without any worries.


high-quality silicone bags.

Used for sous vide cooking.



Strong chemical smell can cause issues.

Final Views:

You should prefer SIOchef premium Silicone bags if using plastic bags seems hazardous to you.

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  1. Green Apron Sous Vide Bags

The last best sous vide bags being introduced by Green Apron are 20 in number and they come with a premium shape.

With a customizable fit, these vacuum-sealed bags can be used for different purposes without any worries.

The best bags for sous vide cooking are also perfect from a safety point of view as they are already BPA and petroleum-free.


12-month guarantee.

Designed for sous vide cooking.

Keeps food fresh.


No instructions to use vacuum port.

Final Views:

The food bags introduced by Green Apron are an ideal choice for cooking food in a traditional Sous Vide way. They can be bought for as low as under 20 bucks to enjoy the freshness of food for a long time.

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Some Last Words:

That would be all from me as I am done with reviewing some of the best sous vide bags. Now is the time that you select the best from bests according to your personal preferences.

Good Luck!!